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September 2013

IT leaders wary of the hidden costs and control of cloud

The findings of a global survey of CIOs into attitudes and concerns relating to cloud computing has revealed that almost 80% are concerned about the hidden costs associated with cloud computing. Complex backup and recovery in the cloud, inefficient cloud storage and employees' use of unauthorised cloud services all account for cloud's hidden costs. The Research in Action whitepaper, commissioned by Compuware, also found that CIOs have management concerns around cloud computing services. From an IT management perspective, the biggest worries of IT leaders are: Loss of revenue due to poor availability, performance or troubleshooting cloud services; Poor user experience due to performance bottlenecks; The effect of poor performance on brand perception and customer loyalty. Failure to properly manage the performance of cloud-based applications results in increased costs and prevents companies from realising the full potential benefits of cloud computing, the results revealed. Despite fears of using cloud-based services, CIOs rated ...

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