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December 2016

More virtualisation to come in mature Australian market

Reports predicting exponential growth in mobile virtualisation in Australia have left experts scratching their heads. The country was one of the earliest and most enthusiastic markets for server virtualisation as enterprises sought to sweat their IT assets. According to Gartner analyst Michael Warrilow, 85-90% of Australian servers have now been virtualised, compared with about 75% globally. While Warrilow said there was still pronounced activity in some markets – he estimated that China, for example, has virtualised only 30% of its servers – the market is generally considered mature, with suppliers reliant on maintenance and upgrade deals. So when a new report from Research & Markets named Australia as one of the fastest-growing markets for mobile virtualisation, it appeared there was still more juice to be squeezed from the technology. The report suggested the global mobile virtualisation market would grow from $US2.16bn this year to $5.68bn by 2021 as enterprises sought to separate personal from work applications on mobile ...

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