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A guide to a digital government: General election 2015

In this guide find out all the coverage from the general election 2015, including details of manifestos from Labour, Conservatives, Liberal Democrats and SNP.


The general election 2015 has been full of nods towards a stronger digital economy, which each of the main parties’ manifestos highlighting how they plan to be a digital government.

In this guide find out all the coverage from the general election 2015, including details of manifestos from Labour, Conservatives, Liberal Democrats and SNP.

1Promises for a digital economy-

General election 2015 promises


General election 2015: The state of broadband and the future of policy

With the 2015 election less than a month away, broadband stakeholders set out their manifesto and hopes for broadband policy Continue Reading


Which election manifesto deserves to win the digital vote?

The three main national political parties competing for the 2015 general election have released their manifestos - but which is the most digital? Continue Reading


Promises, promises and the 2015 election

With the general election looming Adam Bernstein looks at what the three main parties are promising for businesses should they get elected Continue Reading


General election 2015: Major parties focus on tech agenda

With advancements around data protection and state surveillance of internet traffic, the UK is heading into its first tech-aware general election Continue Reading


Budget 2015: First look at the policies for technology

The Chancellor, George Osborne, has delivered his final Budget before the 2015 general election – and has included a range of measures to help support the growth of technology and digital government across the UK. Continue Reading


Labour sets out digital government priorities in election campaign

The Labour Party has set out its digital government priorities, criticising the coalition for failing to meets targets for 'digital by default' services Continue Reading


Labour unveils Digital Government Review for input to 2015 election policy

Labour has published a review into digital government which makes recommendations for shaping the future of policy-making Continue Reading


Liberal Democrats pledge £250m to help fund NHS digital reform

The Liberal Democrats has promised to create a £250m technology fund to finance a digital transformation of the NHS Continue Reading


DCMS gets new boss in cabinet shuffle

John Whittingdale replaces Sajid Javid as culture secretary at DCMS as David Cameron puts together the first majority Tory cabinet in almost 20 years. Continue Reading

2Read the digital manifestos-

General election 2015 manifestos


SNP calls for broadband service obligation in 2015 general election manifesto

The Scottish National Party (SNP) has called for a universal service obligation to cover provision of broadband across the UK, in its 2015 general election manifesto. Continue Reading


Conservatives' election manifesto aims to build on digital progress

The Conservative Party's manifesto for the 2015 general election promises to continue key technology policies, including 'digital by default' services Continue Reading


Labour election manifesto highlights technology and digital skills

The Labour Party's 2015 election manifesto puts technology at the heart of policies for growth, education and public sector reform Continue Reading


2015 general election manifestos need IT in their DNA

All the major political parties must put IT at the core of their manifestos, with policies to support IT for individuals, businesses and the government, says an influential think-tank. Continue Reading


Labour lays out Technical Baccalaureate in £50m education manifesto

Labour aims to introduce a Technical Baccalaureate for 16-18 year olds if the party forms the next government. Continue Reading


Liberal Democrats promise to double innovation spend and 99.9% broadband roll-out

The Liberal Democrats’ general election manifesto promises to double innovation spending and roll out high-speed broadband to 99.9% of homes Continue Reading

3General election 2015 e-voting-

How will the UK be voting?


Tick or click: Why electronic voting is unlikely in 2015

With the 2015 UK general election ahead, electronic voting is once again under consideration, but security questions remain Continue Reading


Labour wants to revive e-voting for elections

The Labour Party wants to introduce electronic voting if it wins next year’s general election Continue Reading

4General election 2015 videos-

Digital Question Time videos