BP Amoco's poor web performance

After attaining high levels of reliability in January BP Amoco failed to impress Site Meter this week.

Out of 1,000 attempts to connect to the site, it failed a total of 232 times, compared to no failures being registered in February.

British Steel appeared to have improved the most since we last checked, failing just once in 1,000 attempts.

Previous results Home Page Number of Times Size of
(27.1.00) download time site failed per home page
  (seconds) 1,000 attempts (kbytes)
BP Amoco 0.816 0 32.1
British Steel 2.89 14 40.4
Ford 3.86 5 37.6
Shell 3.91 13 94.9
Unilever 3.84 13 56.6

This was first published in March 2000


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