Business intelligence (BI) certification Guide

BI certification has become a necessary qualification for all business intelligence pros. To this end, here’s a comprehensive guide on BI certifications.

Business intelligence (BI) certification has attracted the attention of IT professionals in the wake of the increasing...

rate of BI deployments. According to an IDC report, the BI solutions market in Asia Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ) is estimated to be growing at 20.5% rate in the current calendar year.

The increased adoption of BI tools in India is expected to shoot up the demand for BI certification. A BI certification is of great value to both, employees as well as the employers. By acquiring a BI certification, employees can get ahead in their careers fast. The CIOs, CTOs, and IT managers may want to know about BI certifications to keep a tab on the changing needs of skill sets in this rapidly evolving IT domain.

Table of Contents:

 What is a certified business intelligence professional (CBIP)?

 How to get a business intelligence job?

 How to hire a certified BI professional?

 Business intelligence jobs and certification trends, with Jennifer Hay (Podcast)

 Are business intelligence certifications worth it? (Ask the Expert)

 Peer advice on SAP BI certification

 SAP NetWeaver BI training tutorial

 Oracle ETL tools tutorial


IT professionals seeking business intelligence (BI) certifications may be a glad to know that the combined BI, analytics, and performance management market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.1% till 2013, according to Gartner. The firm concludes that growth of BI will depend on availability of skilled manpower, i.e. certified business intelligence (BI) professionals.

In this resource, TechTarget presents everything that an IT pro and an employer needs to know about BI certification and training. By reading these pages, the employers will get to know what skills and capabilities that certified BI professionals possess and what value they can bring to their organizations. For aspiring BI professionals, this BI certification guide can be regarded as the best starting point to fast forward their career success.


What is a certified business intelligence professional (CBIP)?

Before thinking of taking up BI certification training, the first thing that one must do is to find out what kinds of BI certifications are available in the market today. Besides the BI certifications and training offered by IT vendors, one reputed BI certification is TDWI’s BI certification program, Certified Business Intelligence Professional (CBIP). Get more on this by reading the following report.


 How to get a business intelligence job?

Possessing a BI certification is probably the first step in the career of an aspiring BI professional. What comes next is the tough task of hunting for a job. While business intelligence (BI) certification is a must, an IT pro should also spend some time in fine-tuning her / his résumé, in identifying and defining the preferred job criteria, and take the job search seriously. Here are a few tips for orienting an IT pro for a BI career with certification.


 How to hire a good BI certified professional?

The CIOs, the CTOs, IT managers, and recruiters are always challenged with finding the right candidates. While business intelligence (BI) certification may certainly be looked upon as a key asset that candidates possess, finding a BI certified professional may be a difficult task today. The employers can intensify this effort by knowing more about hiring BI certified candidates.


 Business intelligence jobs and certification trends, with Jennifer Hay (Podcast)

In this 17-minute podcast presented by TechTarget, Jennifer Hay, Certification Program Manager for The Data Warehouse Institute (TDWI) speaks at length on the current trends in the BI job market and the role that a business intelligence (BI) certification plays.

Listen carefully to know in detail, the different classifications of business intelligence (BI) domain and certifications.


 Are business intelligence certifications worth it? (Ask the Expert)

As an IT pro, you are interested in knowing whether it’s worth paying for business intelligence (BI) certification and all the training that goes with it.

As a CXO, you may be interested in knowing what a BI certified candidate really brings to the table. William McKnight, President at McKnight Consulting Group provides guidance to both, the IT professionals and the CXOs.


 Peer advice on SAP certification

Want to know what the other certified BI professionals are talking about? Log on to this valuable resource where peers talk to peers. Ask the questions that you may have and find it answered by people in your fraternity around the world.


 SAP NetWeaver BI training tutorial

One of the leading vendor certifications in business intelligence (BI) is by SAP. This nugget is a comprehensive training module of SAP NetWeaver training to aid BI certification.

In this tutorial you will find structured information on everything ranging from basics of BI, to trends, news, planning and analysis, query and reporting, books and discussions, and more. All this will assist you in your journey toward acquiring business intelligence (BI) certification.


 Oracle ETL tools tutorial

Having a good ‘Extract, Transform and Load (ETL)’ tool in place is a prerequisite for the success of business intelligence (BI) deployment.

As an IT professional seeking certification in business intelligence (BI), one must know various things about ETL including how these tools are evaluated, their importance to integration, how these tools can be used to handle complicated business logic, etc.



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