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Brian Thomson wrote that exporting our software development overseas will only bolster the UK's competitors.


Brian Thomson wrote
that exporting our software
development overseas
will only bolster the UK's



As an IT professional, I understand BrianThomson's concerns. However, if UK firms are to compete they need to use every method they can to do so.

It is a global economy and yes we do need to be careful but protectionism is not the way to go. Y

ou didn't hear IT professionals complaining when they were earning exorbitant sums around the turn of the millennium.

The reality is that software can be developed more cheaply and often at better quality than here in the UK. T

hey are many options (Ireland being one of them) for firms that wish to outsource.

Outsourcing is nothing new. Telephony, energy and banking were all once done in-house in one shape or form. IT will become a utility.

The frightening cost of IT is simply no longer tolerated by businesses.

Stephen Goodridge

I have read a lot of opinions on the state of the IT market in the UK and US; it seems we are both suffering the same fate.

We have been undercut by nations that have managed to persuade corporations here that they have equal, if not better, levels of skills that can be used more efficiently at a lower cost.

That's fair enough - it's all about market economics, right?

This is the beginning of the end of IT in the developed world.

Many of my friends see IT as a dead-end career and are advising their children not to go into it - what is the point of getting skilled up only to find that you are undercut by nations that can afford to price you out, with the advantage of a lower cost of living and an endless supply of literate, well-educated workers?

In the long term, the UK will become little short of an IT backwater. We may still come up with the new developments but they will be executed and implemented with devastating effect elsewhere.

It is not just IT back-office services that are being outsourced; financial, accounting and administrative services are going the same way.

The level of resentment is bound to grow among people like myself who had hoped that IT would provide them with a career. I studied, worked hard and established myself, and now I find that it is all change.

I never considered the possibility of a career change but now it is more of a looming reality.

Gurjit Dhaliwall

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