Why do you want to do this IT project?

It is important to establish the business benefits that will result from an IT implementation.

It is important to establish the business benefits that will result from an IT implementation.

For instance, suppose that you want to put the organisation's leave forms online. The outcome would be that staff will query how much leave they have available, and apply for leave via the company's intranet. An e-mail is sent to their supervisor, who applies his or her digital signature. A copy is sent back to the employee, and the leave database is updated automatically.

Assume the organisation has 800 people who take leave on average twice per year, with one sick-leave application. That is three applications per employee per year - 2,400 in all. Say it takes the employee 10 minutes to apply, but online it will take three. The supervisor takes three minutes to process an application, (but will the automated system cut that time down?).

Then assume it takes an admin clerk five minutes to process each application, with another 10 minutes per employee per year for queries. Assume we will cut the query time down to two minutes per employee on average, and because the system is automated we will cut out the five minutes processing time altogether.

So the benefits look like this:

Savings of 200 hours a year admin and 106 hours query time

Supervisor's leave approval time reduced

Employee time savings: 280 hours total (21 minutes per employee)

Automated updating of leave database: improved data and datamining opportunity.

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