Where can I find part-time work?

I am skilled in a number of languages including C, HTML and Perl, I am very familiar with Unix operating systems, both as a...

I am skilled in a number of languages including C, HTML and Perl, I am very familiar with Unix operating systems, both as a development platform and in kernel development, I have considerable experience working with Internet and ISO standards including e-mail (MIME, X.400 etc) EDI IP/TCP. I have worked as a software developer and a consultant. But I am finding it difficult to locate part time work. Do you have any suggestions?

You must tailor your applications

These skills are particularly topical at the moment, so the key to finding the right job will be in highlighting your skills and qualifications that you have to your future employer. It is vital that your CV is tailored to suit each application that you submit.

You also need to think carefully about the type of applications that you are making. For example, some companies see development as a full-time role where clients generally have a deadline to meet.

It may be worth considering other roles such as training or technical support that do not rely on you being in the office every day. However, other companies that are desperate for your skills are increasingly offering the opportunity for an element of home working.

It may be worth contacting your local small business help groups that are set up by the Government and Chamber of Commerce. They will be able to provide details of companies in need of IT advice and support but are unable to afford consultancy rates.

On top of this you should build a relationship with a client-orientated agency. Consultants in this type of agency will ensure that applications made on your behalf are informative and will maximise your exposure to those organisations who are prepared to consider your circumstances.

Solution by Peter Searle, managing director of Computer People

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