The Third IT in Chemicals Conference

Keeping up to date with the fast paced IT in chemicals and software markets is vital to maintain your company's competitiveness. ...

Keeping up to date with the fast paced IT in chemicals and software markets is vital to maintain your company's competitiveness. Nobody can afford to be left behind in this e-enabled age.

Why you should attend

IT in Chemicals focuses on how e-business can enhance your company's position in the global chemicals market.

This event will analyse impact and future of independent trading exchanges. What will be their impact on the supply chain? Will they undermine or enhance relationships that have existed for years? Will they alter existing pricing mechanisms, benefit buyers more than suppliers or diminish the role of distributors?

Where will neutral sites fit into the picture? Envera will explain how B2B systems are using the internet and present service providers (logistics, financial and business management).

E-business offers companies, their customers and suppliers, the possibility of a one-stop-shop. But how will this fit in with back office functions? Is one global SAP system still necessary to integrate operations? Hear how Shell Chemicls approached this issue.

Research has shown that middle management are often the first to realise the real potential of e-business. How do you gain your ceo's support in the face of high costs for the new technology? Discover how to link your company's business strategy to your IT strategy.

Learn how the leading chemical companies are integrating e-commerce into their business strategy, how they are integrating ERP and how they have achieved outstanding results in the realm of customer relationships and supply chain management. Case studies include presentations from SHELL CHEMICALS, BP, DOW CHEMICAL and EASTMAN CHEMICAL.

All in all IT in Chemicals is a great forum to learn, share ideas and meet the people who are right at the centre of making things happen in this new and exciting web-enabled world.

"Excellent coverage of e-business issues relating to the industry"
Karin Mortensen Laljani, Global E-commerce Manager, Uniqema, Member of the ICI Group

"Good networking opportunity - useful measure of what stage the industry has reached"
Stephen J Williams, Head of Sales, EMEA, Industry To Industry, Inc.

"Good insight on e-business, channel and market segmentation strategies"
Chester J Mroz, President Petroleum, chemical & Consumer Ind. Divison, ABB Automation Group Ltd

"The conference gave me a good overview of what others are doing and what future standards will look like"
Dr Achim Hofmann, Ticona GmbH

Organised by ecn

Sponsored by Anderson Consulting

The Third IT in Chemicals Conference

Transforming the chemical company and marketplace through e-business
Monday 6th & Tuesday 7th November 2000 - Hôtel Lutétia, Paris

Day One - Monday 6th November
Registration & coffee

Chairman's Opening Remarks

Richard Miller, Director of Knowledge & Sustainability, UNIQEMA

Keynote address: E-Business and its impact on the chemical industry

  • Seduced by e-business strategy - have you neglected your business processes?

  • Is e-business increasing shareholder value - if so, by how much?

  • The shape of things to come - new horizons - new challenges

    Rachael Bartels, Partner, ANDERSEN CONSULTING

    Exiting from a major outsourcing contract

  • Terminating a £multi-million outsourcing contract and integrating services internally

  • What and when to outsource and insource

  • People - the most important factor in sourcing

  • Lessons learnt - 'Insourcing' - it's just outsourcing in reverse isn't it?

    Jane Kimberlin, IT Director, SCOTTISH & NEWCASTLE RETAIL


    Morning Coffee

    Creating a neutral transaction and services network - Envera

  • Review the B2B efforts of several global chemical companies from progress of EDI integration into network systems developing using XML coding and efforts

  • Detail of the development of Envera, a neutral member owned company focusing on the Internet transactions and service needs of chemical and petroleum industries

  • Demonstrate B2B systems showing the flow-through of common transactions using the Internet and present services (logistics, financial and business management) that Envera's partners' offer

    Richard J Chvala, Vice President - Membership, ENVERA

    Netmarkets: Why the first initiatives have disappointed users

  • It's not only about low prices

  • Real savings come from supply chain optimisations

  • How can this optimisation be achieved

  • How to achieve automatic replenishment without tying up to a single supplier

    Herman Rijks, CEO, CHEMUNITY.COM B.V.


    Connecting your customer and supplier using technology that is already in place

  • The most cost effective and efficient methods of implementing plant data

  • How to extend business process level to the finite level of manufacturing plants

  • Taking information from the back office to the customer interface: How to facilitate this process using IT

    Speaker invited

    CASE STUDY: The impact of e-commerce in a global organisation

  • Consensus building and speed to market

  • Back office automation and integration issues

  • The role of change management

    Michael Petillo, Project General Manager, BP

    Afternoon Tea

    The impact and future of trading exchanges

  • What impact, if any, will parties becoming more distanced from each other have on their customers?

  • Who is partnering today with trading exchanges - and who will partner with them tomorrow?

  • Where are trading exchanges positioned in today's chemical industry and does this match their expectations of yesterday?

    Gina Fyffe, Director, INTEGRA

    Marketplaces in the Chemical Industry

    Juergen Jung, SAP

    CASE STUDY: IT and e-business integration

  • E-business and industry marketplaces such as Elemica, Envera and Trade-Ranger have provided the ability for a company to have a single interface point for their customers and suppliers

  • But what is now necessary to integrate in the back office - is one global SAP system still necessary to integrate operations?

  • The approach Shell Chemicals has taken in answering this question

    Susan Tholstrup, VP eBusiness and Information Strategy, SHELL CHEMICALS

    Chairman's closing remarks


    Gala Dinner

    Day Two - Tuesday 7th November

    Chairman's Opening Remarks

    Chance & Hunt - Evolution from static website to fully integrated e-business

  • Remote inventory management

  • Integration with customers and suppliers ERP systems

  • Illustration of benefits

    Peter Fields, Managing Director, CHANCE & HUNT LTD

    Growth and Transformation at Dow through e-Business

  • How Dow is transforming itself in the New Economy

  • How Dow is leveraging technology to grow e-Business outside traditional boundaries

    Snehal Desai, Director of e-Business Development, THE DOW CHEMICAL COMPANY

    Morning Coffee

    Balancing your IT with your company's business strategy

  • Realising the cost of IT as real added value in a highly competitive market

  • Winning over the company CEO when determining your IT budget

  • Linking your company's business strategy to your IT strategy

  • Determining where your business is going to determine what is driving your IT

    Don Abbott, Vice President of e-Business, MILLENNIUM CHEMICALS INC.
    Bill Landuyt, Chairman, MILLENNIUM CHEMICALS INC.

    E-commerce: Emergence of new clicks and mortar models

  • Understand the impact of e-commerce on chemical distributors

  • Learn how distributors adapt their organisations to e-commerce

  • New clicks and mortar models

    Marc Fermont, Senior Industry Consultant, DISTRICONSULT


    Competitive intelligence in e-commerce: Who's gaining on you?

  • Sources of company profiles

  • What to do if there is no profile

  • Information versus intelligence

    Edward Badger, Sr. Information Specialist, ASHLAND INC.

    CASE STUDY: Organising for e-business - Putting the 'e' in Eastman

  • Building solutions around customer needs

  • Customer relationship through the internet

  • How do you digitise processes to enable your company to do e-business?

    Ralf Taube, Regional e-business Manager, EASTMAN CHEMICAL B.V.

    Afternoon Tea

    Point and click or point and blame?

  • How has investor thinking about the internet developed?

  • Can e-business improve chemicals industry productivity?

  • Or will it further increase competitive pressures?

    Dr Peter Blair, Director, Equity Research, SCHRODER SALOMON SMITH BARNEY

    Future technologies: What comes after the PC?

  • Can the current infrastructure withstand the latest technologies?

  • Cutting edge technologies - who is using them and how useful are they?

  • How will the chemical industry new technology trends move forward?

  • Knowing the maximum capability of your own IT structure and knowing whether it is ready to implement the latest technology

  • A lot of hype surrounds new technology (e.g. Application Provision) -where are the real examples?

    Moni Pangali, SUN MICROSYSTEMS

    Chairman's closing Remarks

    Please note that the organisers reserve the right to change the programme, speakers or venue should circumstances require.

  • This was last published in September 2000

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