Security Think Tank: New data sources are 2014 security challenge

What are the top security issues businesses need to address going into 2014?

Security priorities coming sharply into focus will align closely with the business and IT strategies of Corporate IT Forum members.

Thus access to and the processing of "new" data sources, and the devices, services and applications used to do so, present a primary challenge. 

This brings identity and access management to the fore and intensifies the need for IT to work ever more closely with other business areas, especially human resources (HR), to achieve an effective approach.

Outsourcers, third parties and supply chains raise considerable concerns. The Corporate IT Forum’s 2013 examination of the threat landscape rated outsourcing a top corporate risk, and recommended the use of ISO27001 as a management framework. 

Members will be analysing changes in the 2013 edition and appraising it in a workshop in January 2014.

The management of security incidents and assurance of service continuity remain top priorities for IT, with more than a third of respondents to the Forum’s 2014 IT Strategy Survey highlighting "improving security" as a primary component of their business strategy for the coming year.

Ollie Ross is head of research at The Corporate IT Forum.

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