Security Think Tank: BYOD – key tenets and best practices

With BYOD and the growth of the personal cloud being used at work, what security measures can IT take to ensure security of enterprise data and does MDM really have a role in security?

The consumerisation of IT is happening despite policies, rules and regulations, and organisations are learning fast that their employees are rebelling against a "managed" IT landscape and are instead demanding a "market" one, with freedom of expression.

The IT organisation is now charged with delivering this change – efficiently, effectively and as securely as possible. Mobile device management (MDM) is widely deployed on corporate-provided devices, but rarely on employee-owned consumer devices for reasons of cost.

According to The Corporate IT Forum’s Enterprise Everywhere Conference and Consumerisation of IT Summit reports, there are some key tenets and best practices emerging:

Ollie Ross is head of research at The Corporate IT Forum.

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