Real time threats demand real time security

Some 30 billion text messages and 40 billion e-mail messages are transmitted across the network every day and it only takes one to wreak havoc. The annual...

Some 30 billion text messages and 40 billion e-mail messages are transmitted across the network every day and it only takes one to wreak havoc. The annual cost to a typical corporation for recovery from the most common types of intrusion can exceed tens of millions of pounds, writes Jas Tremblay, director of enterprise and SMB marketing, LSI Corporation.

This increased threat has led to the convergence of a broad spectrum of security technologies including IT security and surveillance - creating new opportunities for intelligent, real time connected security capabilities.

Company security is a major concern to today's business and spans a broad range of potential threats. Issues include the leakage of critical information, physical threats such as robbery and abuse, and the protection of critical information infrastructure.

Adding to this concern is personnel protection. More and more employees are working remotely and because of this, the issue of protecting remote workers is becoming increasingly important to businesses of all sizes.

On the other hand, fraud and theft protection has become a key concern for non-remote workers, with figures showing that 80% of all retail credit card theft is perpetrated by employees inside companies, not by outsiders.

These threats suggest there is an increasing need for IT security and surveillance. However, IT security and services represent only a fraction of the annual spending on security-related functions: about 15% of the $185bn security market.

Something that companies need to be looking at is real time connected security, which is designed to deliver fast co-ordinated security at a reduced cost.

Systems should ultimately display three main characteristics. They should be fast operate in an integrated fashion and be designed around a converged infrastructure, helping companies reduce the cost of security compliance.

Real time connected security is a diversified and decentralised architecture that puts more information into the hands of local response personnel, accelerating the pace of response. This constitutes multi-source detection, the result of which is co-ordinated, focused impact.

So, how do companies achieve real time connected security? By using new low cost encryption IP for integration in Lan and San switches, which allow operators to encrypt all links and all data-at-rest. Also, companies need to closely watch industry leaders in hardware accelerated content inspection. The transition from software-based content inspection to hardware accelerated content inspection boosts performance by 10 to 100 times while reducing power and costs.

Today, only a handful of companies have a firm foundation in general purpose digital signal processors and a well-evolved product line, offering multi-service functional modules that support the varying requirements of voice and video. Efficiency is still key. Having said that, many companies have yet to recognise the benefits of a multi-core virtualised DSP, which relies on hardware offload to increase overall system efficiency.

These innovations translate into an ultra-secure network and data storage environment within which traffic on all links (data-in-flight) and all archived data (data-at-rest) is encrypted. All data is inspected for threat profiles before being processed for transport or storage, and complex and capable analysis and decision-making engines are distributed across the network to ensure the real time processing of security threats is a reality.

To conclude, the real value of this approach to real time connected security is that it creates the platform components upon which OEM vendors can execute a solution that best meets their own needs and those of their customers, thus taking advantage of the vast stores of knowledge that exist in the industry today.

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