Readers' photos: Oldest kit

Check out the highlights from round one of our Hardware Hoarders photo competition to find the oldest IT equipment hoarded by Computer Weekly readers, and why they've kept it.

We've been inviting Computer Weekly readers to send us photos and videos of the oldest IT equipment they've held on to, and to share their excuses for hoarding it.

Over 70 photos were entered to the competition and you can view some of the highlights on this page. To find out the full stories behind the photos, and see all the images we received, visit our Flickr Group

We also received two rather creative and Christmassy videos, which you can view in action in our oldest kit - at Christmas - video showreel.

To enter the latest round, go to our Hardware Hoarders competition page.

Say 'cheese'!

Along with the winning image above, Eric also sent in this cute close-up of his Hereford mouse aboard the Toshiba's keyboard.

Mouse on a Toshiba keyboard

Christmas cards with a punch

Puncher from Stoke won our video contest with her how-to video showing her punch-program Christmas cards.

Christmas cards on a computer punch

It's not easy being green

Runner-up in our video contest was this festive re-use for an old tape winder (also featured in the video showreel).

Festive tape winder#

Chris Broad of AEA with the programming board from a British Tabulating Machine Company tabulator

Thankfully AEA (the UK Atomic Energy Authority) now uses more up-to-date equipment than this retro IT item from the 1950's, as you can discover in our interviews with Chris available as video, audio, and news article.

Chris Broad and old hardware

"It's a bit slow over VoIP!" bemoans Steve Downe over his Racal Modem...

It was "the modem I sent and received my first e-mail" with, says Steve.

Steve Downe

Who wants to see a Millionaire? I do!

John Ferguson sent in this image of one of the Church of England's more recent hardware acquisitions - this 1895 "Millionaire". Appropriately, it rather resembles a church organ and it's the oldest machine submitted to our competition.

1895 Millionaire

Too good to Jack in!

Jack Stafford proudly displays his treasured KDF9 core store from 1963.

Jack Stafford


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