Why can't I find work after five months?

The question

Why can't I find work after five months?

I am 29 and was made redundant five months ago. I have a BSc and an MSc in information systems and three years' experience in business analysis, systems analysis and project management. I am still experiencing difficulty in finding suitable employment, so what am I doing wrong?

The solution

Rethink how you present your CV

It has been a very tight market for the past two years and there are many individuals in the same boat as yourself.

The first thing is to not automatically think you are doing something wrong. Your timing could be better but I wonder whether you are fully exploiting your achievements.

A lot will depend on the presentation of yourCV and how you are approaching clients and agencies. The main approach many candidates take is to write about their employment but include less information on what genuinely makes them different. This does not necessarily include all your hobbies, but rather what you have done for your employer.

You say you have experience in business analysis but have you highlighted this achievement on your CV? Have you saved your company time or money by implementing a new process or introducing a new system? Did you save money by noticing a loophole? You need to think about what you have been involved with and, even if your success was as part of a team, list it as such.

Most companies are reluctantly recruiting and some larger companies are starting to undertake the projects they have put on hold for the past two years. This is good news for people such as yourself with a quality background.

l Solution by Tracey Abbott, Zarak Group

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