DPM's diary: 16 October 2007

Monday: I Aawoke uncertain as to where I was. Indeed, it was a good few minutes before I was sure who I was. There are...


Awoke uncertain as to where I was. Indeed, it was a good few minutes before I was sure who I was. There are many alternative worlds, and a dozen pints of Guinness in the Crown bar is as good as way as any for moving from one to another.

So, as I emerged from the place between the worlds, I gradually regained some semblance of proper consciousness. I am... err... Phil Bound, Bogcaster City Council's IT director and I am here in... in ... oh yes, Belfast! ... Yes, I am here in Belfast attending the annual Asslic conference! ... So who is this woman? It is a...? I'll just lift this sheet a touch... yes that is certainly a woman. Oh... and another one on this side.


Got back to linen city last night just in time to make the drinks reception ahead of the formal dinner. So much to learn at these conferences.

For example, I had no idea that when leaving the Crown to return to the Europa, which is just across the road, it is essential to travel via a little pub that never actually closes in the gentle hills near Cookstown.

This afternoon attended a workshop. Well, must go to one I suppose. It was on greening IT and delivered by some overweight bearded fool who started chucking eggs around - presumably to make the point he was not actually vegan.


Back at work refreshed and re-invigorated by my Ulster experiences. However, I do not think the Guinness and champ stains will ever come out of my dinner suit.


Dave says the new contract project manager for the social care modernisation programme is settling in nicely. The social care director has told her staff that this project will be their number one priority this year. After three days of trying, the contractor finally got through to her PA. She says the earliest he can see the director is 10am on 24th January.


Director of social care phones to ask if I would mind replacing her project manager. Apparently, when her PA sent him an e-mail confirming their meeting, it became clear that it was scheduled for 24th January 2009.

The project manager responded by getting in early this morning and sitting in the director's office to await her arrival. Obviously, she had to drop off the kids and get the weekend shopping done, so it was just after 11am when she got in. By then our bold contractor had dropped off.

As she said, "No one wants to see that sort of thing in their leather swivel when they come in first thing in the morning, now do they?"

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