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Data centre analysis and business intelligence guide

Everything you need to know about business intelligence and data management, in the UK. This guide includes information on business data usage, data quality and business analytics.


Business intelligence can be beneficial for analysing internal raw data, such as turnover by department or product, and identify inefficient business processes that can be re-engineered to better suit your business needs. However, you have to ensure that your data is clean, trustworthy and of good quality for those who will use it. This guide has been designed to enable you to maintain a competitive edge, through the analysis of business data and better data management. This business intelligence tutorial covers data management, data analysis, business data usage and business analytics. Business intelligence (BI) is an all-encompassing category of applications and technologies for gathering, storing, analysing, and providing access to data to support enterprise users in making better informed business decisions. Business intelligence applications include the activities of decision support systems, query and reporting, online analytical processing (OLAP), data management, statistical analysis, forecasting, data analytics and data mining.

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Data management and business data usage


'Big data' wades into mainstream

“Big data” is gathering interest beyond high-tech companies. But there is much confusion, a lack of governance and a skills shortage that won’t go away soon. Continue Reading


'Big data' applications bring new database choices, challenges

The dormitory world of databases has been roused from slumber by “big data” and associated technologies: MapReduce, Hadoop, MPP, NoSQL. Andy Hayler details big data’s impact and the issues it raises. Continue Reading


What to consider when choosing a “big data” infrastructure

As the adoption of a big data infrastructure continues in firms, identifying the many factors surrounding an unstructured storage environment becomes even more important. Continue Reading


Protecting petabytes: Best practices for big data backup

How do you protect the massive data sets? Learn the best practices and products used for big data backup disaster recovery. Continue Reading


Big data: large problems or huge opportunities?

With the increasing ubiquity of technology comes the increase in electronic data. Just a few years ago, corporate databases were measured in tens to hundreds of gigabytes. Now, multi-terabyte or even petabyte databases are normal. Continue Reading


Buyer's Guide: How to make business intelligence work for your organisation

The last few years have seen a flurry of activity in the business intelligence (BI) markets. The approach of reporting against data in a static manner was put under pressure by users demanding something a lot more flexible, where they did not need to approach the IT department every time they needed to create a report. Then, the big suppliers decided they needed BI tools they could control. Continue Reading


Top 13 master data management (MDM) buzzwords and definitions

Get the top master data management (MDM) terms, definitions and concepts and learn how MDM can improve your enterprise data. Also get links to useful MDM tutorials, training, video, podcasts and articles. Continue Reading


Business intelligence and business analysis


Jill Dyché: CEO big data focus good news and bad news for IT

Jill Dyché, a data management expert, sees CEO interest and scepticism as both an opportunity and a threat. Avoid the big data 'gotchas', and don't mistake data warehousing for big data. Continue Reading


How BT eliminated BI duplication

At a recent Computer Weekly roundtable, in association with Oracle, IT leaders heard from Mike Blackmore, enterprise architect for BT's Oracle First programme, about how the telecoms giant is transforming its use of BI. Continue Reading


Business process improvement case study: Cooperative Financial Services

Virtualisation and business process optimisation are key to the strategy of The Cooperative Financial Services following its merger with Britannia in 2009. Continue Reading


When data goes bad: how data quality analysis can fix problems

How can data quality be improved for business benefit? Data quality is complex, and thrown into relief by the pressing requirement for analysis. Learn how to clean it up through data quality analysis. Continue Reading


British Army's data quality initiative opens new intelligence vista

The Army's data quality programme improved cost control, manpower planning and laid the basis for better business intelligence. One strong lesson: business should own the problem. Continue Reading