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Big data analytics enables organizations to analyze a mix of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data in search of valuable business information and insights.. See complete definition.

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  • What to expect from Splunk .conf2016

    Known for its (arguably) superb geek t-shirts and its (arguably somewhat) cheeky company name, Splunk now makes the final preparations for its Splunk .conf2016 event in Orlando at #splunkconf16. ... Continue Reading

  • The Analytics Battle: agility vs. governance

    This is a guest blogpost by Ajeet Singh, CEO, ThoughtSpot Despite the recent rise in data analytics as a “topic du jour” the concept has been around for over a century. “BI” as we think of it ... Continue Reading

  • The ageing face of data

    Much to the frequent disregard of the millennial generation, technology has enabled a number of daily processes to become autonomous and instantaneous. Perhaps the most frequent of these processes, ... Continue Reading

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