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April 2017

CIO Trends #4: Middle East

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In this e-guide, we look at some of the exciting technology developments being tested or already in use in the Middle East. The region is leading the way in many respects, with the UAE city of Dubai is charging towards its goal of being a world-leading smart city. Read in detail about the project here. While smart cities promise to improve the lives of residents and help businesses prosper, self-driving cars could be key to road safety in the notoriously dangerous Gulf region. CIOs in the Middle East, like their global peers, have many decisions to make over the next year. These include what cloud strategy to opt for and where and how to apply blockchain technology to their business challenges.

Table Of Contents

  • The evolution of smart Dubai
  • Road to safety: Self-driving cars in the Middle East
  • Dubai-based Aramex optimises branch office connectivity
  • Ankabut creates hyper-connected ecosystem for UAE education
  • What are CIOs doing about the rise of blockchain?
  • CIOs must become hybrid IT and digital leaders to avoid becoming unfashionable

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