BI users: More the merrier? Well, not exactly!

Having many BI users may help you bag the best possible deal. But meeting the needs of the a few BI power users may be easier. Find out how and why.

The needs of power users are well defined as they try to achieve specific and strategic business key performance indicators (KPIs). The power users know and can easily identify drivers for their BI projects. As a result the projects that are undertaken for BI power users have a fixed focal point. The power users may, at times, expect wonders from their BI solutions. But this issue can be tackled once the limitations and benefits of the deployment of BI system are explained to them.

On the other hand, implementing BI for a large set of users becomes a challenge as the types of the users vary. In large corporations the total universe of BI users may include users with operational / tactical reporting needs, marketing individuals, field sales executives, analysts, power users, management executives; the list is endless.

All these users have different views of the same business and each looks at a different set of data. The KPIs for each user fluctuate. Such a disparate view of business makes BI implementation a challenge. Training and optimizing the usage of the BI solution is another problem in case of a large user base.

The latency requirements for each of these types of users are also different which makes choice of BI tough for a large user base. Working with a large user- group needs a well-planned and user-friendly (intuitive) BI solution.

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