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  • Gartner: Best practices for I&O for cloud-readiness

    Cloud computing could end up being a hindrance rather than a help to an enterprise if not planned and implemented properly. In many infrastructure and operations (I&O) teams, it can be observed that previous failures are repeating themselves over and over. Very few organisations are mature enough in terms of people and process capabilities to be able to take cues from past failures and prepare themselves for the foreseeable as well as the unforeseen future.

  • Guide: Maximizing the Value of Cloud for Small-Medium Enterprises

    Cloud computing models are promising significant cost, scalability, and agility benefits, but is there a business case for small business owners to move from traditional IT provisioning to a cloud-based solution? And, if so, how can small business owners adopt the cloud? This guide is designed to help small business owners navigate through cloud services and identify those that will best help them to meet their needs.

  • CW Buyers Guide: Green IT

    With IT such a large energy drain for many organisations, firms that cut IT power consumption will reap big benefits. Going green means that computer room air conditioners and chillers are no longer required in the datacentre, potentially slashing energy costs by up to 50% and dramatically lowering the facility’s carbon footprint.

  • The Open Group: Cloud buyers’ decision tree

    This White Paper describes a Decision Tree that could be used to help you discover where Cloud opportunities and solutions might fit in your organization. It is put forward for discussion, with the intention that this discussion, and validation in the field, will result in a practical tool for use by enterprises. Your business situation is either a problem or an opportunity for which you are seeking a solution that includes IT enablement. This Tree presupposes that the current and/or future state of the IT resources for your business situation does and/or will not meet requirements. If you are a Cloud seller, then use this Decision Tree in reverse to determine for which business situations your proposed offering would be a good fit.

  • Microsoft signs 20-year wind energy deal to power datacentres

    Microsoft has signed a 20-year power purchase agreement (PPA) for wind energy with EDF Renewable Energy – its “largest wind investment to date”

  • Why Rackspace is betting on managed cloud amid doubts over future

    Rackspace has relaunched its public cloud services as managed cloud to differentiate its costly services from cloud heavyweights. Will the move help?

  • Red Hat adds erasure coding in Inktank Ceph Enterprise v1.2

    Red Hat adds erasure coding aimed at backup and archive use cases to Inktank Ceph Enterprise version 1.2

  • Microsoft adds StorSimple hybrid storage arrays to Azure cloud service

    Azure users get more storage, archiving and disaster recovery from 1 August 2014 with Microsoft's StorSimple 8000 series hybrid storage arrays

  • Google I/O: Extending Google's enterprise reach

    At its annual developer conference last month, Google extended its enterprise portfolio boosting its security, storage and MDM products

  • EMC XtremIO, VMAX and Isilon get new CPUs and data services

    EMC boosts XtremIO, VMAX and Isilon with Ivy Bridge CPUs and advanced data services including flash array snapshots

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