The Digital CIO

The Digital CIO

In this guide you’ll find a series articles about the impact of digital technology on the role of the CIO.

Will you become a digital leader ?

The rise of cloud computing, social media, mobile technology and data analytics is having a profound impact on the future role of IT leaders.

This series of articles assess the impact of digital technology on the role of the CIO, and shows how CIOs can seize the initiative to become digital leaders in their organisations.

Table of contents:

The CIO at the cross roads

Navigating the Digital Torrent
CIOs need to look at their own performance, ways of working, skills and experience to ensure they are equipped to deal with the digital torrent.

How digital technology will change the role of IT leaders
We have now reached the point where corporate IT as we know it will succeed or fail.

How digital technology will change the way organisations work
If you are an IT leader, digital technology is likely to be a pivotal factor in your career over the next five years.

The CIO is dead. Long live the CIO
There is a new breed of CIOs who are defining what it means to be a digital leader.

How to raise your business profile with social media and agile development

Regaining the technology high ground – one blog post at a time
IT leaders should use blogging and social media to raise their profile and build influence in their organisations.

CIO briefing on agile development
How do we create agile organisations and behave in a more agile way? Kelly Waters executive Consultant, Coach, and Interim CTO, offers some answers in this presentation.

From CIO to Chief Innovation Officer

How to be a digital innovator
CIOs need to think about their IT budgets in a different way to free up funds for innovation.

How CIOs can put their organisations at the forefront of innovation
CIOs are under growing pressure to innovate, with some commentators even suggesting they rebrand themselves as chief innovation officers.

The digital CIO: Why embrace digital innovation
Technology is changing industries wholesale. Digital innovation – the web in particular – relentlessly commoditises and rewrites the rulebook for business. Everyone knows the stories about HMV and Amazon; Blockbuster and Netflix; Thomas Cook and Expedia – but many assume it only happens to other organisations.

Research shows CIOs are missing out on funding for digital innovation
CIOs are missing out on funding to invest in innovative technology despite a projected growth in IT spending this year. Organisations worldwide are stepping up their strategic investment plans in 2014, a survey of 900 IT leaders worldwide claimed.

How to make the business case for digital technology

Making the business case for digital technology
When trying to win backing for digital technology, IT leaders would be wise to focus on benefits, not costs.

Realise Benefits from a Digital Strategy
Developing the business conversations for IT – how can you convince your business stakeholders to include you? Rob Lambert, visiting fellow at Cranfield School of Management, offers advice to CIOs on developing business cases and maximising the business value of digital technology projects.

This series of articles accompanies the Digital Academy, a programme for IT leaders who want to take ownership of digital technology in their organisations.

Business transformation, make digital happen

How to motivate the elephant
One of the permanent features of CIOs' and other IT leaders’ lives is change – how to implement, manage and deliver it.

Gartner: How CIOs should prepare for optimising IT in the digital economy
Gartner analyst Michael Smith argues that CIOs should adopt a dual approach to supporting the enterprise’s transformation to the digital economy.

Leadership challenges for CIOs and IT teams

Gartner: The rise of the Chief Data Officer and what it means for IT
CIOs should view the Chief Data Officer as a peer and a partner who will enable them to focus on the job they already have, says Gartner analyst Debra.

Gartner: Digital transformation - How to survive the information crisis
It is time to revisit out-of-date policies and strategies to avoid minor issues becoming major disasters, say Gartner analysts Saul Judah and Andrew White.

Fear of Google’ and the ethics of digital business
Mark Zawacki, founder of an organisation called 650 Labs, recently discussed an open letter to Google's chief executive, Eric Schmidt, written by Mathias Doepfner, chief executive of Axel Springer, with us.