Photos: Social media facts businesses cannot ignore


Social networks are super popular

Social networks are super popular

Two out of three people on the planet visit social networks (Nielsen, 2009)


Whatever you think about social media in business, it is impossible to ignore the massive number of people using websites such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

In a blog post, Chris Skinner, CEO at think tank Financial Services Club, gives facts about social media that all businesses should consider.

Chris specialises in the financial services sector, which is beginning to harness social media, but the facts are relevant in any industry.

The figures are a clear message to businesses that their customers and employees are influenced by social media.

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The 2011 report of the Nielsen
survey about social media says that 4 out of 5 active internet users visit
social networks and blogs. Businesses must not ignore this finding. It only
means that, in the next coming years, more and more people will be using social
media. They must take this opportunity to incorporate social media as one of
their marketing tools to reach out to a wider, more varied audience.