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  • February 21, 2001 21 Feb'01

    Government launches 'cradle-to-grave' site

    The Government launched its UK Online Web site this week as part of moves to bring all government services online by 2005.

  • January 09, 2001 09 Jan'01

    Financial analysts advise caution for UK IT sector

    Will Garside

    Market analysts at investment bank UBS Warburg have reduced price targets for companies in the IT services sector as part of a...

  • December 06, 2000 06 Dec'00

    Citizen Portal gets beta launch

    The online Citizen Portal, the UK site where the public can access government information and services on the Web, has finally been...

  • January 19, 2000 19 Jan'00

    Wheely fast cables

    The Millennium Wheel may not have moved an inch on new year's eve, but it did have a high speed network connection thanks to Lucent Technologies. Lucent...