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Aryaka brings managed SD-WAN and SASE to more markets, verticals

Aryaka adds rich capabilities and innovations to accelerate the adoption of its cloud-based delivery for network and security services and to enable acceleration for improved application performance for increasingly hybrid workforces

Almost a year after it embarked on a programme to accelerate service point of presences (PoPs) to support European enterprises’ increasingly complex and distributed network requirements through managed software-defined wide-area network (SD-WAN) and secure access service edge (SASE), Aryaka has announced it is increasing investment in its Hyperscale POP footprint across the globe for cloud-based services delivery.

Aryaka services PoPs deliver managed services at the cloud edge, based on an architecture that integrates connectivity, compute and storage. These are said to be very different from conventional transport hubs or virtual PoPs, supporting peak performance from a more centralised PoP footprint. An outcome of this is full alignment with a SASE architecture that defines cloud-delivered security capabilities and a convergence of the overlay and underlay.

Over the next couple of years, Aryaka plans to establish 27 new POPs in 21 countries and in 15 major metropolitan areas worldwide – including Manchester in the UK – further extending its global hyperscale infrastructure. These POPs are attributed with the ability to deliver low latency end-to-end for faster connection speeds, along with cloud-delivered services for network, security and observability, while meeting each geographic location's regulatory requirements and performance needs.

The company will also deploy its AppAssure solution across all current and new POPs to enable SaaS acceleration for improved application performance for increasingly hybrid workforces. In addition, it is enhancing its Last Mile Services offering by now also supporting wireless connectivity worldwide, simplifying last-mile link procurement and operations.

Aryaka’s AppAssure technology will be deployed on POPs, providing insights into jitter, latency, and loss per app and per user for optimal application performance for both on-site and remote users. Furthermore, Aryaka is enhancing its SD-WAN offering based on its FlexCore – a dual layer 2 and layer 3 global backbone and adding capabilities such as intuitive navigation to its MyAryaka customer portal for simpler self-service.

“There are steady increases in SaaS deployment models, public cloud spending, and use of internet WAN across businesses of all sizes, and our POP investment sets the foundation that our customers and future customers will need to be successful in a constantly evolving business landscape,” explained Aryaka chief product officer Renuka Nadkarni.

“With escalating security threats and any businesses becoming a distributed enterprise, companies of all sizes and in any vertical are looking for a partner that can offer business continuity and IT resilience, operational simplicity on a global scale, and unified security enforcement. There are very few providers that can offer all three elements effectively as part of a Unified SASE offer.”

As part of its commitment to providing operational simplicity, Aryaka is additionally offering customers more options and an enhanced experience for last-mile services with wired and wireless connectivity with a single point of contact. Aryaka’s last-mile connectivity services enable fully managed LTE, 4G, and 5G connections in over 90 countries utilising Cradlepoint Wireless Edge and NetCloud.

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