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Aryaka announces ‘all-in-one’ SD-WAN, SASE offerings for hybrid workplace

Cloud-first software-defined wide area network firm claims hybrid network innovation breakthrough, enabling businesses of all sizes to navigate change while focusing on growth and digital transformation

As businesses come to terms with the post-Covid environment with the adoption of hybrid working policies, Aryaka has launched what it calls “all-in-one” software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) and secure access service edge (SASE) offerings for multiple enterprise segments to accelerate cloud adoption and increase business agility.

The company believes that businesses across the world are still dealing with a rapid pace of change and unpredictability that has been further exacerbated by the pandemic and that, as a result, enterprise leaders are moving to cloud-first models as they accommodate the needs of a workforce that is outside the traditional office.

New hybrid workplace environments are demanding connectivity and security technologies to keep employees productive and able to collaborate. But this is disrupting the status quo of legacy telco managed technologies and complex do-it-yourself solutions, says Aryaka.

“CEOs and business leaders rate growth as their highest priority, but have to contend with unpredictability and change, particularly in today’s environment,” said Aryaka CEO Matt Carter. “They are increasingly leaning on ‘cloud-first’ technology to help navigate change and fuel their transformation initiatives.

“In this scenario, old-school telco managed solutions and legacy stacks like MPLS don’t cut it. They are not nimble enough for the new world, and the quality of experience they deliver is poor. This is where Aryaka steps in to deliver something refreshingly different.”

Aryaka also cited Gartner research that shows the total connectivity and managed services market will reach $150bn in 2024, with the same report saying that managed SD-WAN services will grow at a CAGR of 28%. With regard to SASE market growth, Gartner expects to see a CAGR of 36% between 2021 and 2025.

Although these growth rates vary, Aryaka said the trends are very real and to address them, it was announcing “breakthrough innovations” that cut across architecture, products and services, pricing and packaging as well as lifecycle services.

It has debuted a global L3 private core to supplement its best-in-class global L2 private core, all interconnected to the company’s nearly 40 high-performance points of presence (POPs). This technology, called Aryaka FlexCore, is designed to allow customers to map their sites to the private core of choice, based on performance or cost considerations, as well as criticality of sites and applications.

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It has also launched AppAssure, a software capability designed to deliver deep deterministic visibility, observability and control to over 3,500 applications.

Using FlexCore as its underlying architecture, Aryaka has also introduced the EZ and Pro product lines for its new managed SASE and expanded SD-WAN offerings. The Prime EZ model is geared for mid-to-large enterprises that require high-performance networking and global application predictability.

SmartConnect EZ is a new managed SD-WAN service optimised for cost and uses the L3 private core consumption model, geared for small-to-medium enterprises that are looking for something better than the managed SD-WAN and internet they get from traditional telcos.

The SmartConnect Pro managed SD-WAN is optimised for performance, uses the L2 private core consumption model, and is aimed at for mid-to-large enterprises that require high performance networking and global application predictability.

Aryaka SmartConnect EZ and SmartConnect Pro will be generally available in late Q1 2022. Aryaka Prime EZ is available for qualified beta deployments starting January 2022, with early orderability targeted for April 2022.

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