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Dubai hospital implements intelligent communication system to improve patient care

Latifa Hospital’s new communication system is intended to improve staff response times and create a quieter environment for patients

The Dubai Health Authority’s (DHA) Latifa Hospital has implemented an intelligent communication technology that aims to improve patient care, safety and satisfaction.

The new system, supplied by Vocera Communication, is intended to improve staff response times and create a quieter environment for patients by using secure text messaging and hands-free voice communication at the 344-bed hospital. Latifa is well known for its maternity services expertise and is a referral hospital for high-risk deliveries.

The DHA said the communication system will now be rolled out to all its facilities.

Muna Tahlak, CEO at Latifa Hospital, said the DHA is on a mission to create a smart healthcare system, and an intelligent communication platform is an important component of that vision.

Tahlak said the Vocera system will help to connect team members by role, name and group, using voice or text. “The speed of connectivity will improve workflows and communication efficiency between nurses and doctors, something which is critical for many of our patient cases, such as emergency caesarian sections,” she said.

She added that as Dubai’s medical insurance legislation comes through and more people become insured, the number of patients served is expected to rise. “Accordingly, we need to have the right IT infrastructure in place and a smart communication system is key to ensuring safe, high-quality patient care,” she said.

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Tahlak said the hospital’s expansion plan also includes implementing an electronic health record (EHR) system.

Key to Latifa Hospital’s integration strategy is to link the EHR and Vocera technology to help improve communication in critical areas, such as obtaining lab results and other important information and providing such data to the right clinicians at the right time on the device of their choice.

Humaid Al Qutami, chairman of the board and director general at the DHA, said the adoption of the new communication system is an important step in using technology to serve customers better, in line with the Dubai government’s strategy of creating a smart city.

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