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Tech disruption in Middle East a key focus at GITEX 2017

Not surprisingly, Middle East digital disruption will take centre stage at this year’s GITEX event in Dubai

Digital disruption and the role of new technologies in bringing positive change to business and society will be the focus for GITEX Technology Week in Dubai in October 2017.

The technology showcase, taking place for the 37th time, will have the theme “Re-imagining realities: discover, transform and innovate” and will highlight how converging technologies and disruptive business models can solve problems for businesses and people in everyday life.

Emerging technologies are affecting many areas of business, and GITEX Technology Week will bring together UAE-based and international technology companies, governments, startups and futurists to showcase how innovations are transforming lives.

Trixie LohMirmand, senior vice-president at the Dubai World Trade Centre, organiser of GITEX Technology Week, said: “As innovative technologies see strong take-up in the Middle East and worldwide, GITEX Technology Week aims to inspire attendees with a sense of urgency, wonder and discovery in adopting the latest innovations, from augmented reality and virtual reality to blockchain.”

LohMirmand added that under the banner “GITEX is everything tech”, this year’s event will showcase 17 specialist technologies, including blockchain, artificial intelligence, drones, robotics, 3D printing and the internet of things.

She said there will be a major emphasis on how emerging technologies can solve practical problems, such as how autonomous vehicles can ease traffic, how artificial intelligence can enable predictive government services, and how virtual reality can enhance surgery and education – all ultimately resulting in happier and smarter experiences for people.

Usama Nouri, portfolio director at GITEX Technology Week, said the event’s vertically focused conferences have been extended to cover an even broader range of industry sectors.

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“This year’s new verticals include smart manufacturing, connected automated transportation, marketing, healthcare, intelligent cities, retail, finance, women in tech and education,” he said.

There will also be a platform for government leaders and industry experts to address smart city challenges, share integrated urban systems and forge new partnerships, said Nouri. “Over 150 public sector organisations will be on show in the Global Smart Cities hall, which is also open to smart city technology from across the world,” he added.

To connect technology providers with buyers, the event also sees the introduction of GITEX Global Sourcing, an intuitive sourcing platform that helps IT decision-makers to select partners to test, explore and fully experience technologies live at the show. The event will also feature startups through GITEX Future Stars.

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