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Dubai Health Authority unveils bilingual app for service providers

The Dubai Health Authority has put the process for bidding for its contracts on an app

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) is targeting IT suppliers and service providers through a smart bidding app, which it said is aimed at making the process of bidding for its contracts easier.

Dubbed Smart Mazad, the app has been developed for individuals and companies that want to participate in the bidding process to provide services to the DHA.

According to the Dubai-based health authority, the initiative is part of the DHA’s smart services offerings that are aimed at improving the overall customer and patient experience when interacting with the DHA or any of its hospitals or primary health centres.

Eman Khalfan Al Jallaf, director of the purchasing and contracts department at the DHA, said the aim of the app was to make the process of health investment “smart and expedient”.

Al Jallaf said Smart Mazad was a bilingual mobile app that allowed investors and companies to view all the contracts offered by DHA and submit their bids.

“Through the app, individuals and commercial entities will be able to register as an investor in DHA, view all biddings offered by the DHA or view the invitation letter for any of the biddings,” she said.

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Al Jallaf said in addition, service providers to the DHA would be able to pay document fees to bid for any of the contracts and would have access to draft technical and contractual agreements that would be signed once an investor was successful with a bid.

“The app allows bidders to download the Bid Bond template, which should be filled out by the bank,” said Al Jallaf.

Bidders will also be notified through the app about the status of the bidding – whether won, lost or in progress.

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