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Newcastle to put gigabit broadband in council properties

Newcastle City Council is to roll out fibre-to-the-premises broadband in 25 public housing developments

Residents of 25 social housing developments in Newcastle will be able to get access to gigabit broadband services after the city council enlisted Hyperoptic to hook 5,000 publically-owned properties up to its fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) network.

Hyperoptic is now well established in the private housing sector where it works with developers of multiple-occupancy housing developments, often as a standard addition to initial plans. It recently secured a massive funding injection as it targets two million properties around the UK.

However, in the past 18 months, it has started to target council housing and public housing associations as they seek to address issues of digital exclusion by making ultrafast broadband available to tenants at minimal cost to the public purse.

The internet service provider (ISP) and network builder has previously signed deals with Salford Council, Nottingham Council and Thurrock Council.

Hyperoptic is already available in a number of private housing developments in Newcastle, and its new deal with the council will be part of a commitment to extend its network footprint across the city.

“In the world we live in today, good quality, high-speed broadband can be the key to success when it comes to education, employment and social inclusion. As more services go online, we recognise that providing ultrafast, reliable and affordable broadband is an essential part of our drive to increase digital inclusion,” said Jane Streather, Newcastle City Council cabinet member for housing and public health.

“By working in partnership with Hyperoptic, whose gold standard services have been tried and tested by other councils, we know our tenants will receive the best internet experience possible in the UK today,” she said.

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 “Public services are becoming digital by choice,” said Hyperoptic regional director Tim Huxtable. “We are equipping and enabling social housing tenants to access these services in the best way possible – with an internet connection that helps rather than hinders, and will stand the test of time as technology advances.

“Social housing is a strategic priority for us – the public sector has a huge role to play in fulfilling the vision of a full fibre UK and bridging the digital divide.”

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