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TfL figures reveal massive contactless adoption

Transport for London figures for the use of contactless payments on its network add weight to its plans to sell its expertise to other cities

Transport for London (TfL) figures show huge growth in the number of journeys that are paid for using contactless technology on cards and smartphones.

More than 200 million journeys are made on London’s transport network using contactless payment technology every day. Today, 40% of all pay-as-you-go journeys are paid for using contactless technology, compared with 25% last year. About 10% of these transactions were made using mobile phones.

The mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said TfL’s investment in contactless payment enablement would provide an opportunity for it to sell its expertise. “London continues to lead the way in terms of contactless payment around the world, and the money we make selling TfL’s innovation and expertise to other major global cities will allow us to put further money into improving London’s own transport network,” he said.

TfL first introduced contactless payments on buses in 2012 and later expanded the technology to London underground and rail services.

TfL signed a £15m deal with Cubic Transportation Systems (CTS) last year which gave the company the right to adapt its contactless payment system for worldwide use.

CTS has since held talks with a number of cities across the world, including Sydney and Miami, to introduce contactless ticketing technology to their transport networks.

Roger Crow, managing director Europe at CTS, said: “Our partnership with TfL has helped put London at centre stage among the world’s most technologically advanced payment systems.”

Shashi Verma, CTO at TfL, said there were plans to expand the technology’s use in London. “We are committed to continue developing and expanding the system where we can to make it even more convenient for anyone visiting London,” he said.

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