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Virtual Instruments to add cloud storage monitoring by end of 2017

Storage performance and monitoring provider Virtual Instruments leverages Xangati functionality to add cloud storage monitoring to existing SAN and NAS capabilities in Virtual Wisdom

Virtual Instruments plans to add cloud storage monitoring and analysis to its core products by the end of 2017 following its purchase of Xangati in November 2016.

Virtual Instruments will incorporate some Xangati functionality into its Virtual Wisdom SAN/NAS monitoring and testing product in the first half of 2017 and will extend Virtual Wisdom to the cloud by the end of the year.

The move will allow Virtual Instruments customers to monitor block, file and cloud storage traffic through hundreds of metrics that enable analysis and pro-active trouble-shooting. It will also ensure provider SLAs and application performance requirements are met, particularly in the case of cloud.

Virtual Instruments marketing director Chris James said: “Instead of being a datacentre infrastructure play, we are an application-centric performance monitoring and management play.”

The functionality will allow customers to monitor performance and run analytics on cloud storage on Amazon, Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud.

Extending Virtual Wisdom functionality to the cloud will allow customers to monitor and analyse cloud storage performance as they can do in NAS and SAN environments.

Key benefits include “application service assurance”, with customers able to measure cloud storage services against promised service levels; pro-active problem avoidance, such as abnormal behaviour, and; pro-actively identifying resource issues that are usually simply tackled by over-provisioning.

Virtual Instruments made its name with its Fibre Channel SAN testing probes. The company’s products use hardware and software monitoring to build a picture of server and storage operational efficiency.

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In 2016, the company merged with storage traffic load-testing provider Load Dynamix and used IP from that acquisition to add NAS monitoring capability to existing SAN functionality.

Key selling points for Virtual Wisdom are that it can help customers identify the source of storage networking issues and help bring down a reliance on over-provisioning hardware that customers often use to ensure performance requirements are met.

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