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Maersk Line underpins shipping operations with network management

Container shipping company Maersk Line signs a five-year deal with Riverbed to monitor business-critical apps and services and troubleshoot network performance bottlenecks

Denmark-based container shipping firm Maersk Line has chosen Riverbed’s SteelCentral system to monitor its application infrastructure and provide end-to-end visibility across its network.

The five-year contract forms part of an ongoing digitisation process at Maersk, which has already been an early adopter of internet of things (IoT) technology to support its worldwide distribution business.

However, as it continues to digitise its business, Maersk has found that application uptime – from customer booking and tracking to business process management – has become more important than ever, and its reliance on the underlying network has increased.

“The digitalisation at Maersk Line has been significant,” said Andy Laurence, head of production services at Maersk Group Infrastructure Services, which is responsible for Maersk Line’s IT infrastructure.

“Five years ago, 20% of our revenue was digital, now it’s over 90%. As we continue on our digital journey, having a scalable and stable digital platform infrastructure and end-to-end visibility across our digital services and into the cloud is critical.”

Riverbed’s SteelCentral performance management and control suite – a key plank of the supplier’s application performance platform – will sit at the heart of Maersk’s network.

SteelCentral brings together user experience, application and network performance management to give IT teams the visibility needed to spot and fix major issues before users notice anything is amiss.

Its platform will allow Maersk to deliver apps, data and services from any public, private or hybrid cloud across any network to any end-point.

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“There has been a real requirement for an architected system that gives us the visibility and transparency we need to target where we have weak points in our infrastructure and remediate them accordingly and swiftly,” said Laurence.

Laurence added that the technology would be a “strong backbone” for digital initiatives elsewhere in the wider Maersk Group that his unit supports.

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