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Top 10 HR technology stories of 2016

Here is a rundown of Computer Weekly's most popular stories on HR technology in 2016

HR technology is reaching a turning point. There are plenty of big companies in the throes of replacing their ageing on-premise ERP-based HR systems with more efficient cloud services – a trend that will continue for some time to come. In some cases, as we report below, the reality of cloud HR technology has not always lived up to the hype.

But the future for HR technology is now being carved out by small start-up companies with innovative applications, ranging from on-demand learning, innovative analytic tools, to better alternatives to the much criticised annual appraisal.

Next year, as analyst Josh Bersin points out below, we will see more companies offering their employees HR services on their mobile phones. As the war for talent heats up, employers are becoming increasingly interested in using technology to improve the health and wellbeing of their workforce, reduce workplace stress, and generally make their companies a more attractive place to work.

1. Mobile apps to take over HR technology

Mobile phone applications that give companies the ability to offer online learning, manage employees and increase productivity are set to become a major disruptive trend in human resources (HR) technology.

2. Cargotec saves €2m by moving HR systems to the cloud

A cargo handling equipment manufacturer has reduced the cost of managing its 11,000 employees by moving HR systems to the cloud.

3. Suppliers fail to impress as companies ramp-up HR tech

A major survey of European firms shows that few believe HR technology suppliers have had a positive impact on their business so far, as they ramp up spending on HR technology.

4. Coca-Cola cloud project bottles rewards for 25,000 staff

Coca-Cola European Partners, the largest bottler of Coca-Cola, is developing cloud-based technology to give its employees the ability to choose flexible reward packages.

5. HR analytics tools promise edge in war for talent

HR data analytics is said to enhance hiring decisions, improve employee retention and boost company performance. Fact or fiction?

6. Cern to track job applicants ‘at the speed of light’

Cern, the home of the Large Hadron Collider, is turning to cloud technology to help it manage thousands of applicants who apply for jobs each year.

7. SAP steps up data privacy in Europe

German headquartered software company SAP has responded to concerns from businesses over the sovereignty of their data by guaranteeing to supply technical support from Europe.

8. Rolls-Royce seeks advice from other corporates before a major HR project

HR IT director Mark Judd explains how the engineering and aerospace firm swapped ageing ERP and spreadsheets for a company-wide core HR system, but not before seeking advice from 25 other companies about their experience with similar projects.

9. Elekta turns to workforce analytics to inform board decisions

Executives at Stockholm-based healthcare company Elekta have begun using human resources (HR) trend data to make strategic business decisions, following the company’s introduction of a global HR system.

10. Engineering company uses HR technology to cut staff leaving rates

Engineering software company Aveva has replaced out-of-date HR technology with a cloud-based HR platform in a project that has paid for itself in 18 months. The firm has seen its employee attrition rate fall by about 5% a year.

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