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Top 10 CW Middle East stories of 2016

Read the most popular articles about enterprise IT in the Middle East

The Middle East is currently undergoing economic transformation, as many of its nations attempt to move away from a reliance on oil revenues.

Economic diversification comes at a time when IT is already shaking up traditional ways of doing business. Countries such as the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are emulating Western countries by adopting modern IT, such as fintech, and are even leading in areas such as smart cities. Meanwhile, the likes of Iran are playing catch-up.

Here are Computer Weekly’s 10 most popular Middle East enterprise IT articles of 2016, including case studies about the region’s biggest businesses and interviews with prominent CIOs.

1. Saudi Arabia turns to big data to boost business innovation

Big data technologies will play a key role in diversifying Saudi Arabia’s economy away from a huge dependence on oil revenues.

2. Middle East CIO interview: V. Chandrasekar, Standard Chartered

The CIO of Standard Chartered bank in the Middle East tells Computer Weekly about the challenge of keeping customers happy through IT.

3. Road to safety: Self-driving cars in the Middle East

The Middle East could improve its poor record on road safety through the use of driverless vehicles.

4. Middle East CIOs put ambitious IT projects on hold as cheap oil hurts business

A lack of business confidence leads some organisations in the Middle East to delay or abandon ambitious IT projects that may not show an immediate return.

5. UAE firms look to light fidelity technology to enable internet of things (IoT) applications

LED-based connectivity is slated as a key component of IoT-related deployments.

6. Middle East telecoms operators face up to IoT smart city challenges

As smart city initiatives spring up in the Middle East, telecoms operators contend with the strain of the IoT on networks.

7. UAE infrastructure ministry upgrades IT to support smart government

The UAE’s Ministry of Infrastructure Development has upgraded its datacentre and networking infrastructure to support the government’s smart services drive.

8. Reinventing Bahrain’s Kanoo Group through digital technology

Kanoo Group’s IT director explains the company’s IT transformation, including why implementing Office 365 across the business was his biggest career challenge.

9. Zahid Group uses enterprise resource planning (ERP) to revolutionise business

As Saudi Arabia sets out to diversify its economy away from oil, the kingdom’s companies are undergoing rapid transformation.

10. Big data and open-source cloud technology helps Gulf Air pin down customer sentiment

A big data engine that performs sentiment analysis on both Arabic and English textual data helps the airline understand and react rapidly to customer preferences.

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