Falconstor adds cross-platform storage analytics

Falconstor leverages IP from Cumulus Logic buy to provide Freestor Analytics, which gives customers visibility across heterogeneous hardware of key storage metrics

Falconstor has announced an upgrade to its FreeStor storage virtualisation platform with the addition of Freestor Analytics.

Freestor Analytics gives administrators a view across all storage assets, regardless of supplier, and provides real-time and historical storage metrics – for example, IOPS, latency, bandwidth consumption – that can drive practical action on capacity utilisation and service level achievement.

The functionality driving this upgrade came from Falconstor’s acquisition of Cumulus Logic in September 2015. It brought intellectual property (IP) that could capture data from the whole server/storage/network stack and push it out in readable form.

This was adapted by Falconstor to work with data from the Freestor storage server. It interrogates assets at intervals of less than 10 seconds and pumps it out in easily readable, graphical form to provide a summary of the storage environment. “It’s like Splunk for storage,” said Falconstor CEO Gary Quinn.

“The moment I looked at what Pure Storage, with its predictive platform, and Nimble, with InfoSight, were doing for their customers, I thought it would be fantastic to have that for heterogeneous storage environments,” he added.

Freestor Analytics is part of Falconstor’s Freestor platform, launched in 2015, which puts an abstraction layer between storage hardware and the administrator. It allows organisations to share and manage storage across multiple suppliers’ products – from flash to tape – and provision services such as backup, replication/snapshots, migration, disaster recovery and data deduplication.

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  • The aim of this blog post is to try to iron out some misunderstandings in two common terms in storage: storage virtualisation and software-defined storage.

Service providers and enterprises that want to deliver cloud-type services – especially from a heterogenous hardware environment – are a key target market, with Freestor’s key selling point the ability to deliver infrastructure-, migration-, disaster recovery-, platform- and backup-as-a-service.

Freestor is “multi-tenant ready” and “geared to become self-service”, according to Quinn, with “management isolation, data isolation and network isolation” in place. But, he said it currently lacks external authentication from, for example, Microsoft Active Directory or LDAP platforms. Falconstor is “working on it”, he said, but couldn’t give any timeline for the arrival of that functionality.

Freestor is licensed by capacity at a starting rate of three cents per gigabyte per month. ...................................................................

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