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Lincolnshire Health and Care to deploy integrated patient records

Thirteen health and care organisations across Lincolnshire will integrate records using the Intersystems HealthShare platform

Lincolnshire Health and Care has partnered with InterSystems to implement a platform that allows clinicians in the county to view a shared patient record.

Using Intersystems’ Healthshare platform, health and care providers across Lincolnshire will be able to share patient information such as prescriptions, medical history and details of illnesses, and clinicians will be able to access patients’ records in seconds.

The Lincolnshire Health and Care initiative covers 13 health and care organisations across the county, including clinical commissioning groups (CCGs), acute trusts and local authorities.

Gary James, accountable officer at Lincolnshire CCG, said all health and care organisations in the area had joined forces to develop the portal, “which will allow care professionals, with the patient’s permission, to see all the information relevant to that patient’s care”.

“This will improve the quality and safety of care and will also save staff time by providing fingertip access to the information they need to manage that patient’s care,” he added.

The new system will also include an online portal that allows patients to view their own health information, test results and prescription information. They will also be able to share that information with carers or family members.

It is hoped the system will save £4m a year by reducing the need for unnecessary tests because the information may already be available in the patient record.

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The integrated record is the first phase of Lincolnshire Health and Care’s partnership with InterSystems. It also includes the supplier’s patient index software and its Spine mini services, which connect users to the NHS Spine, run by the Health and Social Care Information Centre.

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