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Average tech salaries rose by 2% over the past year

The average salary for a technology professional rose by 2% in 2015, according to a study by IT jobs website Dice

2015 saw the average technology salary rise by 2% to £46,969, with double the number of tech employees earning six figures, according to research.

The study by online career firm Dice found technology workers received increases across the board in salary, bonuses and contract rates in 2015.

Jamie Bowler, marketing director for Dice in Europe, said the higher permanent salaries and daily rates show the growing demand for skilled technology workers.

“All of the signals look positive. The talent shortage looks like it is having an effect on market rates, which reflects the positive outlook represented in the latest market report,” said Bowler.

A trend emerged in 2015 that saw many qualified IT workers become contractors, which allowed them to exploit the skills gap by charging a premium for their work.

According to Bowler, this trend is having an effect on the salary of current IT workers, with more than half (59%) of full-time employees paid more in 2015 than in previous years.

Almost half of permanent technology employees received a bonus last year, and 39% expect the bonus to be bigger in 2016. Some 62% of permanent employees and 60% of contractors expect their salary to increase again this year.

Contractors saw an increase in daily rates, which grew by 2% in 2015 to an average of £381 a day, and 51% of IT contractors saw a pay rise in 2015.

Software development skills are some of the fastest growing skills over the past year, with the fastest growing being the ability to use the React JavaScript library for developing user interfaces, paying an average of £52,500 a year in the UK.

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This was followed by use of the open development platform Docker, the second fastest growing tech skill, with the ability to develop unit tests or automated tasks using JavaScript task runner Grunt being the third fastest.

Of the fastest growing technology skills, the highest average salary was for the ability to use Apache Cassandra – the open-source distributed database management environment – with employees receiving an average salary of £62,500 a year.

The lowest-paid tech skill was the ability to develop for Twitter Bootstrap, which brought in an average of £42,500 a year.

In 2016 and beyond, an emphasis is being placed on the use of digital skills, as more firms rely on technology to function. This is leading many to question whether there is too heavy an emphasis on coding in the current curriculum.

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