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Leading Edge Forum teams up with Imperial college on business disruption

Global thought leadership membership organisation launches programme to teach business heads about digital disruption

The Leading Edge Forum has joined forces with Imperial College to form an executive education programme aimed at teaching business heads how to understand disruption.

The aim of the course is to prepare managers to spot, combat and win against the forces of digital disruption.

Mark Kennedy, associate professor of organisational behaviour and strategy at Imperial College, said: “By combining forces with the LEF, we are able to provide real insight and practical hands on experience – for example, in our Data Observatory – as well as classroom-based learning to impact the executives who come on this course. It’s going to be a great learning – and potentially business-changing – experience for all.”

Richard Davies, managing director of LEF, stated: “We move into a new area where digital becomes the fabric of organisations. To be digital requires you have to immerse yourself in the tech. Large organisation send a lot of people to business schools, but very little is taught on how to build new offerings with technology.”

He added that executives need to understand how to recognise disruption.

As Computer Weekly has previously reported, a business that sticks to the best practices of the past cannot compare with a startup that uses better, newer business processes or methods to connect with a customer.

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While many organisations are based on the business processes that drove industrialisation, Davies believes successful businesses in the digital age will be adept at working with a wide ecosystem of partners and deliver intelligent platforms founded in consumer technology.

One example of an organisation shifting its core business through consumer tech is Centrica.

As Computer Weekly has previously reported, while its Hive internet-connected central heating controller is a consumer-grade device, it represents a way to engage far more closely with the customer than was previously possible. Among the areas Centric is exploring is how Hive could be used as to bolster its lucrative boiler maintenance business.

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