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Staffordshire Police picks Boeing as its strategic IT partner

The police and crime commissioner for Staffordshire plans to sign a strategic IT partnership contract with Boeing, worth more than £100m over the next 10 years

Staffordshire Police has chosen Boeing as its preferred bidder for its 10-year strategic IT partnership, which it hopes will provide new technology and more effective collaboration.

The contact, which could last for up to 10 years, is worth more than £100m. Staffordshire Police went out to tender for the strategic IT partner in 2015, looking for a company that could help improve “the capacity and capability of existing IT services” and deliver “a highly innovative new target IT environment”.

Staffordshire Police aims to sign the contract in the next few weeks. Commissioner Matthew Ellis said he was “excited” to have got to this point in the procurement process.

“A strategic IT partner will bring capacity and capability to Staffordshire Police through the development of cutting edge technology and new ways of working,” he said.

“I cannot go into further detail as we are still in a procurement process and observing the standstill period prior to contract signature. I will provide more information as soon as I am able to do so.”

Staffordshire Police chief constable Jane Sawyers added that it had taken “a lot of hard work”.

“I am hopeful that we can now move forward to sign the contract for an IT partner who will help us make policing more effective for the communities that we serve in Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent,” she said. 

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The original tender document stated that the contract could be worth between £150m and £450m over the course of the contract, depending on whether the services were just used by the Staffordshire commissioner or by various other “participants”. 

“The commissioner is seeking to partner with an IT services organisation with the ability to innovate and radically improve the provision of end services delivered by Staffordshire Police and its partner organisations,” the tender said. 

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