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Prisons and detention centres to get new health IT system

NHS England will roll out new health and justice information system across prisons, immigration removal centres, youth institutes and secure children’s homes

NHS England has awarded a contract to health IT systems supplier TPP for a new healthcare records system to be deployed in detention services.

The contract means that patients in facilities such as prisons, detention centres, secure children’s homes and youth institutes will not have to wait for their records to be faxed over from their GPs.

Instead, they will, for the first time, be able to register for general medical services with healthcare providers in the secure facilities.

The system will be implemented from July this year.

Kate Davies, NHS England’s national director for health and justice, said the system will “allow clinical information and records to transfer between the community GP and the secure environments, enabling and supporting quality healthcare for all”.

TPP’s SystmOne is one of the most-used GP IT systems in the country, and patients who are registered with a practice using TPP will already have a health record that will be accessible in the secure facilities’ healthcare clinics.  

Dr Jake Hard, prison GP and clinical lead for the project, described it as a “significant step” in providing continuity of care for patients in the criminal justice system.

“The new developments will, for the first time, contribute to a more inclusive approach to providing healthcare in these settings and further support the clinicians providing care to their patients,” said Hard.

TPP already delivers the government’s national prison contract to 142 prisons in England and Wales, under a 2011 agreement.

The system was tested by early adopters in 2006 before a full-scale roll-out began.

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