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HPE will use its experience to help customers with M&A, says CEO Meg Whitman

Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s CEO claimed the firm would be able to better assist customers undergoing structural changes

The process of separating Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) from HP Inc has given the company better insight into how to assist its customers undergoing structural change, according to HPE CEO Meg Whitman.

“Through this complex process of separating Hewlett Packard, we got really good at this kind of work at a scale that most companies wouldn’t even attempt,” she said.

Digital transformation has shifted the corporate world towards a “new style of business” where employees require new technology and a different approach to work.  

“This new style of business demands a new style of IT,” Whitman explained.

HPE aims to act as a “transformation partner” for firms hoping to adapt with industry demands, she added.

Executives at HPE outlined that the world is shifting towards being an “ideas economy” in which even small companies and entrepreneurs have access to business tools, making it easier for them to compete with large corporates.

The company outlined four transformation areas businesses should be focused on to address these changes to the environment: Transforming to a hybrid infrastructure embracing cloud and on-premise; using data analytics to make core business decisions; ensuring correct measures of cyber security; and enabling flexible working.

The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) was announced as an early adopter of HPE’s transformational services, and will work with HPE on a digital transformation project to digitise its cheque clearing services ahead of 2017, when all banks will be required to digitally process cheques.

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The main keynote at HPE Discover 2015 took place one month after its project to divide HP into two companies, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and HP Inc.

During the split, HPE built 4,000 servers over a two-month period, generated 300,000 test cases, and split 2,500 applications and 400,000 mailboxes across 500 active projects and 170 countries.

One of the big steps announced during the HPE Discover 2015 event was its partnership between Microsoft as part of its ongoing effort to encourage hybrid cloud adoption.  

“Public cloud services, like those Microsoft Azure provides, are an important aspect of a hybrid cloud strategy and Microsoft Azure blends perfectly with HPE solutions to deliver what our customers need most,” Whitman said.

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