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Glasgow builds gigabit fibre network

Glasgow City Council teams up with CityFibre and local ISP provider HighNet to roll-out an ultrafast gigabit fibre network in Glasgow in early 2016

Glasgow is to become the third Gigabit City in Scotland after network infrastructure supplier CityFibre teamed up with Inverness-based internet service provider (ISP) HighNet with support from Glasgow City Council to build an ultrafast fibre network.

The dig is set to commence early in 2016, and will initially cover 7,000 businesses across the city centre of Glasgow, with the intention of expanding citywide, touching around 15,000 businesses when complete. CityFibre said it expected to make services commercially available later in 2016 through HighNet and its partner network.

CityFibre said the network would transform Glasgow’s digital infrastructure with support for broadband connectivity many times faster than the UK average, future-proofing local businesses for many years to come.

As with CityFibre’s other Gigabit Cities – Aberdeen, Coventry, Edinburgh, Peterborough and York – the network will be planned and deployed according to its in-house “Well Planned City” model.

This approach to fibre network design takes into account the current and future capacity requirements of – and input from – enterprises, the public sector, mobile network operators (MNOs) and datacentre operators.

Ultimately, the Glasgow network could form the backbone for the deployment of a consumer gigabit fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) service, a possibility that has also been mooted in the other Gigabit Cities – although no such service has yet come to market except in York, where CityFibre's network forms the core of TalkTalk and Sky's UFO service.

A consumer gigabit service is, also already available in some parts of Glasgow, courtesy of Hyperoptic.

“This fantastic collaboration marks a step-change in HighNet’s evolution as a B2B ISP and we are looking forward to providing Glasgow’s business sector with best-in-class connectivity on which they can develop and grow their business,” said HighNet managing director (MD) David Siegel.

“Access to high-quality, high-capacity internet capability can be truly transformational and we are delighted to be leading the charge in Glasgow. CityFibre’s track record in creating gigabit cities is unparalleled and we are excited at the opportunities this partnership will create.” 

CityFibre CEO Greg Mesch said that, with the addition of Glasgow to its roster of Scottish cities, his business was now the largest wholesale fibre provider in Scotland after Openreach.

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