Barclays hit by 'network problems' at the weekend

Barclays service disruptions raise cyber security concerns, but the bank says the problem was purely internal

Barclays has blamed “network problems” for the fact that customers had difficulties accessing their accounts and making payments at the weekend.

Coming just days after news broke about a cyber attack on TalkTalk, the outage raised cyber security concerns, but Barclays said the problem was purely internal and not related to a cyber attack.

The bank tweeted on Saturday 24 October that it was experiencing technical issues and that these were being investigated urgently.

Later, the bank tweeted that it planned to do some “essential pre-planned maintenance” on its systems overnight.

On Sunday, the bank said it was still dealing with a high volume of calls from customers, and advised anyone wanting to check their accounts to use Barclays’ mobile app or online banking services.

“These are both running smoothly,” the bank tweeted.

In a statement, Barclays said: We can confirm that customer services are now recovering from the outage we experienced yesterday [Saturday].

But some customers said that although they had been told that problems would be fixed by 17.00 on Saturday, they were experiencing problems in accessing cash on Sunday, according to the BBC.

A Barclays spokesperson said this was not a problem with the cash machines, but rather a network problem resulting in a tech outage.

The outage comes as the bank forges ahead with its expansion of digital services. Barclays has recently introduced a suite of bPay-branded mobile technologies for retail and person-to-person payments.

The bank has begun selling bPay-equipped wristbands and key fobs to provide consumers with payment options that are not tied to smartphones.

In April 2015, Barclays launched a digital Rewards Wallet programme in which customers are paid fixed sums of cash each month to reward their continued relationship with the bank.

The disruption of services at Barclays also comes just days after the NatWest iOS mobile banking app went down.

NatWest customers were angry that they were being declined when trying to make purchases or that they could not log on at all, according to the Mirror.

NatWest apologised for the outage, but pointed out that online and telephone banking services had been unaffected and available. ..............................................

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