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Brocade apps enhance SDN interoperability and orchestration

Brocade has announced the latest version of its SDN Controller and new applications to meet datacentre requirements for interoperability and orchestration

Software-defined networking (SDN) supplier Brocade has rolled out two SDN applications that run on the new release of its open source Lithium OpenDaylight (ODL) SDN Controller.

The SDN Controller itself has been upgraded. Version 2.0 aims to meet network managers’ requirements for more interoperability between suppliers and enhanced orchestration, accoridng to Brocade.

It includes enhancements to the Open vSwitch database interface and OpenStack Modular Layer 2 plug-in, which Brocade said will help cloud providers use an open software stack to manage their datacentre infrastructure; OpenDaylight clustering for scalability and stability; and a new UI for applications to provide a consistent and intuitive view of the network.

According to Brocade, the applications - Brocade Topology Manager and Brocade Flow Manager - complement the SDN Controller. Topology Mangager displays network topology, allowing admins to find and manage nodes on the network. Flow Manager extends these capabilities out by enabling users to view and interact with the topology using real-time information to carry out traffic engineering and network segmentation work.

Brocade cited a recent study that suggested 90% of network managers saw a truly open SDN controller with multiple supplier support as essential to SDN deployment plans. The same report, which was produced by Heavy Reading, said the lack of in-house SDN knowledge was a also a major obstacle to deployment.

"Brocade’s strategy is driven by the very close collaboration we have with our leading service provider and enterprise customers to deliver unique networking products and solutions that speed their transition to the New IP, and software is increasingly central to that pursuit," said Kelly Herrell, SVP and GM of software networking at Brocade. 

"Delivering open solutions like the Brocade SDN Controller 2.0 and related applications, packaged with a full complement of education and services, will facilitate the smooth journey to SDN for customers worldwide."

Brocade has long played up its open source approach to SDN, and has built the SDN Controller entirely from OpenDaylight code. It offers multi-supplier compatibility testing and single-source support for SDN Controller environments. Brocade also provides consulting and education services to help customers adopt SDN.

"By basing its controller on OpenDaylight software, and adding its own validation, professional support and educational services to streamline adoption, Brocade is delivering a well-curated SDN platform to its customers. The company is also adding visibility and intelligence to managing SDN deployments with value-added applications, like the Brocade Flow Manager, that are built using open software frameworks their customers are looking for," said ACG Research principal analyst for cloud and virtual system architectures, Paul Parker-Johnson.

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