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The US Federal Aviation Administration's hybrid cloud plans take flight with help from CSC

US aerospace agency sets out plans to wind down its datacentre investments and move more of its IT to the cloud

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has selected IT services firm CSC to oversee its plans to downsize its datacentres and migrate its systems to the hybrid cloud.

The $108m deal is set to last 10 years and will see CSC contracted to help the FAA consolidate its datacentre estate, migrate its data and systems off-premise and provide it with access to a range of cloud services from the likes of Microsoft and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The FAA is the US body responsible for safe-guarding America’s aerospace and running its air traffic control operations.

The FAA said in a statement that downsizing its datacentre footprint and moving more of its IT to the cloud will help the organisation save money and become more flexible. 

“Being in the cloud will give the FAA on-demand, pay-per-use computing and data storage over a secure FTI [federal telecommunications infrastructure] connection,” the statement said.

“The FAA can now purchase IT as-a-service rather than buying expensive facilities and hardware that quickly becomes outdated. The agency will be able to keep up with industry standards and innovate on a much larger scale.”

To ensure the FAA benefits from the full cost benefits of using off-premise technologies over the course of the contract, CSC said it will use its position as a cloud broker to negotiate deals with its service provider partners on an on-going basis.

The company said it plans to draw on the policy-based security and governance capabilities of its hybrid cloud management offering, the CSC Agility Platform, to deliver on the project’s aims.

Mike Lawrie, CSC’s president and CEO, said the company will work closely with AWS and Microsoft over the course of the deal to deliver a cost-effective hybrid cloud environment to the FAA.

“By coming together as we have, we are in a unique position to help meet the agency’s operational and budgetary challenges over the life of the programme,” he said.

Meanwhile, Larry Prior, executive vice-president and general manager of CSC’s North American public sector, said the organisation will draw on its past experience of working with the FAA to ensure the cloud environment delivered meets its needs.

“Our work on FAA infrastructure and user service programmes, including support for its migration to a cloud enterprise messaging system, gives us a hands-on understanding of the agency’s requirements and procedures,” said Prior.

“We’ll build on this experience to implement programme requirements, minimise cloud implementation risks, overall IT costs and drive an effective cloud solution tailored to the FAA environment.”

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