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C4L blames legacy network for datacentre services outage

Co-location provider C4L confirms it's preparing to ditch legacy network as two-day service outage ends

Bournemouth-based co-location provider C4L claims a prolonged network connectivity outage that blighted the firm’s customer base for the past two days has been sorted.

The issues were first spotted on 24 August 2015, when the firm began issuing a series of status updates via its Twitter feed to affected customers after its phone system and online support services failed.

Since then, the company has been working with Juniper Networks to resolve the problems which have been attributed in part to a software glitch.

The pair began working together in October 2014 to build out C4L’s CoreTx network. Its aim is to replace the multi-supplier system C4L currently relies on with one underpinned by Juniper’s technology.  

“Juniper Networks is aware of a reported network outage with one of our customers. We worked quickly with the customer to identify and resolve the issue and we are actively supporting them to investigate the root cause,” the company confirmed in a statement to Computer Weekly. 

Judging by the contents of C4L’s tweets and the updates issued by its online support page, service has been gradually restored to customers over the course of the day. 

In a further statement to Computer Weekly, C4L apologised for the inconvenience caused by the outage and claimed normal service has resumed for all of its customers.

The statement also goes to great lengths to absolve Juniper of any blame for the outage by confirming the “extended issues” were caused by its legacy network.

“Initial discussions are taking place with a view to expediting our customer services away from the legacy network, a plan of which will be in a further communication going directly to our customers,” C4L CEO Simon Mewett added.

“I want to reassure customers they are our top priority. As an ISP [internet service provider] that prides itself on customer support and communication, [C4L] is extremely disappointed by this network disruption and could not apologise more for the delay,” he said.

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