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X-IO's Iglu Blaze adds replication to ISE HDD, flash and hybrid arrays

X-IO Iglu Blaze adds a second controller hardware layer to ISE with advanced storage features including asynchronous replication, disaster recovery and high availabillity

X-IO has launched Iglu Blaze, which customers can use to add advanced data services such as asynchronous replication, disaster recovery and high availability to its ISE self-healing HDD, flash or hybrid storage arrays.

Iglu Blaze is effectively a second tier of controller hardware. Previously, ISE customers would get dual controllers – called managed reliability controllers – with their ISE storage hardware stack. These handle I/O and Raid, for example, but are limited on features.

Now X-IO customers can add Iglu Blaze hardware to provide a second controller layer with features that include asynchronous replication, automated disaster recovery, high-availability, thin provisioning and continuous data protection (CDP).

X-IO is most well-known as a supplier of arrays built with its proprietary sealed drive DataPacs, in part a result of IP acquired from Seagate’s Advanced Storage Architecture group in 2007.

DataPacs claim reliability and utilisation beyond that possible from commodity drives by incorporating low vibration, self-healing and granular failure repair characteristics, such as the ability to lock off a single platter surface rather than fail a whole drive.

But in March 2015, X-IO broke its own mould and launched the 800 series all-flash arrays, the ISE 820, 840 and 860.

Iglu Blaze adds advanced storage features that were not present before in ISE, said marketing vice-president Gavin McLaughlin

“ISE has never had snapshots and only had synchronous replication. It has been criticised for being reliable but not having traditional storage features,” he said. 

But does adding an extra layer of hardware make the cost prohibitive?

“If we were more expensive than the likes of Nimble and Tegile that would be true, but we're not. It's just 20% extra for the data features Iglu Blaze provides over just having ISE,” said McLaughlin.

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