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Only 3% of civil servants think the government gets good value from the tech industry

A survey by industry body TechUK has found only a small percentage of civil servants feel the government currently gets good value out of the tech industry

Only 3% of civil servants think the government gets good value out of the technology industry, according to a survey by TechUK.

As a result, many of the respondents feel the government needs to be more closely involved with the industry to resolve this, with 60% believing there needs to be more engagement between the two bodies.

“The fact that so few civil servants think they get good value from the industry is of huge concern, and has to be addressed by both suppliers and government,” said Julian David, CEO of TechUK.

“We have to make sure the government can optimise the value of technology,” he added.

Civil servants also want a better understanding of using supplier performance data to become better customers, with 56% claiming the government needs to use data gathered about suppliers during the procurement process.

But only 18% of those asked thought there was sufficient engagement with the industry before the procurement process starts.

Half of civil servants also cited improved commercial skills as highly important, while almost half felt more project management skills were needed.

“The survey matters, not just because it highlights the size of the challenge, but because civil servants are telling us what needs to be done. Overwhelmingly, they are saying they want better engagement with industry at all stages of the procurement cycle, better access to information and help to improve the skills and capabilities in their departments,” said David.

“Civil servants are telling us industry and government must work together to address these challenges to deliver better value to the taxpayer. We have to get this right,” he added.

The respondents also cited they felt their departments could benefit from access to more disruptive innovation from the technology market, with 14% believing this to be important.

Civil servants also said they were concerned a lack of skills were preventing government departments from procuring IT, with only 20% believing their department was able to effectively manage suppliers.

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