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Salesforce teams up with Google and others to breakdown big data tech barriers

Cloud CRM giant teams up with Google, Cloudera and Hortonworks to help businesses make better sense of big data has teamed up with Google, Cloudera, Hortonworks and others to break down the skills and technology barriers that could prevent businesses from making sense of their big datasets.

The partnerships will bring technological capabilities to the cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) giant’s Analytics Cloud and coincide with the release of its Salesforce Wave for Big Data offering.  

“We live in a hyper-connected world and big data must deliver big value across every part of the business,” said Keith Bigelow, senior vice-president and general manager of Analytics Cloud at Salesforce.

“Salesforce Wave for Big Data connects the Analytics Cloud to the industry’s most comprehensive ecosystem of big data innovators. Now every company can extend any data source to business users to transform every customer relationship,” he added. 

Google’s contribution will tackle the volume piece of the big data equation by allowing users to run advanced queries on their datasets, while Cloudera will provide users with a centralised hub where their information can be stored and analysed securely.

Meanwhile, New Relic’s software analytics platform is being introduced to tackle velocity, by providing users with a means of deriving real-time information about the performance of a company’s web and mobile apps.

Rounding things out is Hortonworks' data management offering that aims to improve the performance of Hadoop clusters, so unstructured data can be analysed efficiently in distributed computing environments.

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Collectively, Salesforce claims these technologies will make it easier for non-IT business units – including those working in sales, marketing and customer service departments – to derive value from big data.

Similarly, Informatica and Trifacta have been enlisted by Salesforce to help users prepare their datasets for analysis.

“As organisations continue to expand their use of data to deliver competitive advantages in the market, the ability of these companies to empower business users to drive their own analysis of big data is critical to success,” said Dan Niemann, vice-president of worldwide field operations at Trifacta.

“With this integration, business users are able to prepare raw, complex data at scale using Trifacta and deliver the output to the Analytics Cloud for downstream analysis,” he added. 

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