High proportion of US iPhone users have tried Apple Pay

Apple Pay looks set to increase its market share as 43% of iPhone 6 and 6+ users in the US try out the mobile payments technology

The juggernaut that is Apple Pay looks set to increase its market share as 43% of iPhone 6 and 6+ users in the US try out the mobile payments technology.

A survey of 500 people by Auriemma Consulting Group (ACG) also revealed that three-quarters of those that have tried Apple Pay have done so again.

"Adoption of Apple Pay has been swift and widespread among iPhone 6 owners," said Marianne Berry, managing director of the ACG division specialising in payment. "Given that the product was launched only four months before this survey, the extent of both trial and repeat usage is impressive."

The research found it is not always retail outlets and restaurants where payments are being made, but also in certain apps. Of those that have tried Apple Pay, 43% have used it only in a traditional in-store location, 37% have used it both in-store and in-app, and 19% have used it only in-app. 

"The use of Apple Pay online is less visible than in the physical world, but has big implications for mobile commerce," said Berry.

Once users try Apple Pay, they are likely to return to it, the research showed. On a scale of one to five, with five being most satisfied, 98% of survey respondents said their satisfaction levels were four or five, with 60% saying five.

Adoption levels are expected to remain high, with 47% of iPhone 6 and 6+ users who have not yet tried Apple Pay saying they will try it in the next six months, said Berry.

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Apple Pay was launched to iPhone users in the US in October. In its first month of availability, the technology was responsible for 1% of digital payments in the US. By comparison, Google Wallet, which was launched in 2011, accounted for only 4% of payments in its first month, according to the ITG Mobile Payments report.

Apple Pay could soon be heading for the UK. An Apple job listing in December revealed the company’s plans to expand it beyond the US.

The job listing, which was removed, was revealed by website iClarified. The advert mentioned plans to expand the service, which is available only in the US, across Europe, the Middle East, India and Africa (Emeia). A London-based Apple Pay team will lead this expansion, it said.

Meanwhile, other tech giants are getting in on the act. Samsung will make its payment service available in the US this summer as it tries to match Apple Pay's success.

Samsung Pay, which will be available on its Galaxy S6, will enable consumers to pay for goods and services at more terminals as it makes use of technology known as magnetic secure transmission (MST) as well as near-field communications (NFC).

Google is expected to launch payments application programming interface (API) Android Pay at its I/O conference in May. The API will allow developers to add mobile payments to their apps to enable in-store and in-app payments.

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